Tuesday, March 17, 2009


And he sits waiting and watching,
Wandering when I'll notice; when I'll listen;
when I'll observe; when I'll look within myself.
Patiently, very patiently,
Peacefully, happily, lovingly waiting."Look within," he whispers.
"Just look within.There the answers lie to all your questions.
"Deep, deep within; so often ignored, overlooked.

In a corner he sits.
His legs crossed, his head tilted slightly to one side.
A patient smile upon his face.
Waiting and watching.
"Look within yourself," he whispers.
"Just trust, have faith.

"Unaware, I look toward him and he smiles a patient smile.
He closes the distance between us,
And gently holds my face in his hands, kissing my forehead.
"I love you my child; I'll care for you my child;
Have hope, have faith and always, always look within.

"Ignorant of his presence, I feel a calm surge inside me.
I smile as I realize that I can overcome all the hate,
the pain, the sorrow that I might encounter.
Deep within a voice whispers, "Have faith, have hope, know love.
Share faith, share hope and share love.

"With a smile upon his face my angel sits patiently,
lovingly waiting, watching and whispering.

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