Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The other lady...

“Please be careful, around her,”

The tweet from @LakeLopez said,

“I hope the new guitar isn’t haunted,”

I should have heeded his premonition,

As the master of horror had suggested,

This cheap electric enchantress is quite possessive,

She controls his waking and his dreams,

Demanding every minute,

Not content to share him, she brushes us aside,

His cultured acoustic and I are feeling quite neglected,

Since this other woman entered our still abode,

But, we are conjuring our own little magic,

And, soon she’ll understand the order in which we peck,

Now, where did I put the doll, pins, black candle, and matches….

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The threshold...

She stands on the threshold,
Where all things begin and end,
Afraid to step into the vast beyond,
Fearing the mystery,
The unveiled secrecy of all that lies ahead,

She arrived on this earth in a scream of protest,
Frightened to leave I AM,
And now, ahead in the darkness,
Radiance softly beckons,
Yet she clings,
To that which she once objected,

In the known,
Kindred spirits softly implore,
Holy Mary, with your angels bright,
Gently guide her way,
Fireflies soon flurry around her,
Childhood joy surges,
As she soars toward His brightness,
Her loved ones weep for their loss.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random renderings by Nevada...

Revelations gained from a game of poker...

The timid will seldom win in poker,
But neither will the reckless fool.
The forced bet or "bring in" rarely occurs at an opportune moment,
And, there are times when one makes rash choice after rash choice,
The final chip is played,
And like a cat that has inadvertently fallen from a narrow ledge,
By the grace of God,
The toppled lands on both of his feet.

What should have been a final hand lost,
Becomes a win.
The fool of heart is given another chance for redemption,
An opportunity to forgo his reckless behavior.
Clarity surfaces,
And seizing this moment,
He instinctively knows when to fold or hold, call or raise.

The impetuous loser becomes the courageous,
Yet conservative winner,
And takes all.
And the one that was cocky, overly confident,
And counting the winnings not yet earned,
Realizes too late,
There are no certainties in life.