Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The sincerity a falsehood that few would recognize,
So confident, so sure,
All part of a lavish disguise,
Like a graceful ballerina in a dance so beautifully choreographed,
The exploits seemed pure,
The abandon so wise,
No suspicion would arise.

Beware the cover,
All a cover,
A fabrication of cock-and-bull,
The saga does unfold,
Contain the anger, keep mum the fear,
Nightmarish whispers and lingering exposure,
A sculpture with chisel appears,
And figments drift away.

Warning, warning the siren sounds,
No truth, all lies,
Convenient orchestration,
Masterful manipulation,
A cloak of openness hides the despair that threatens to spit forth from the depths below,
The pain that lay dormant now festers,
The rot that simmers oozes upward,
The veil slips, a flicker of hope,
After the maddening fire storm, clarity smolders.

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