Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Sweet surrender,
Give and take,
Joining in concert, becoming one.
Once distinct, individual, separate,
Now the same, united, stronger,
Until the next fusion.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The Withlacoochee and Rainbow rivers in Dunnellon, Florida are two that I truly enjoy.

From the boat ramp, we powered for a time up the Withlacoochee.

Then, as my husband fished we slowly made our way back to where the Rainbow and Withlacoochee merged.

I quietly meditated on the intermittent hum of cicadas….birds twittering along the shore line….the soft distant sound of traffic….the occasional plane overhead. Cypress and hardwood trees reflected on the dark water.

Portions of an old railway could be found along the Withlacoochee…echoes of the past….reminders of an age departed.

The confluence of these two rivers never ceases to amaze me….the crystal clear waters of the Rainbow intermingles with the tannic waters of the Withlacoochee. For a short time, one can witness the bright, clear waters of the Rainbow as it meets the tea colored waters of the Withlacoochee….day joins with night.

While a canopy of bright stars hung over the campsite each night, the moon was dark…a time for reflection, contemplation.

The damp, chilly, early morning is my least favorite part of the day, but sipping a cup of hot java by a warm fire makes it bearable. And, melted cheese over bacon on toasted sourdough bread….perfect!