Saturday, March 12, 2011

The threshold...

She stands on the threshold,
Where all things begin and end,
Afraid to step into the vast beyond,
Fearing the mystery,
The unveiled secrecy of all that lies ahead,

She arrived on this earth in a scream of protest,
Frightened to leave I AM,
And now, ahead in the darkness,
Radiance softly beckons,
Yet she clings,
To that which she once objected,

In the known,
Kindred spirits softly implore,
Holy Mary, with your angels bright,
Gently guide her way,
Fireflies soon flurry around her,
Childhood joy surges,
As she soars toward His brightness,
Her loved ones weep for their loss.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful, Nevada. You are so talented. May your Mom rest in His loving arms. My prayers and thoughts are with you as you mourn your loss and celebrate her life. xoxo

  2. Nevada, you have beautifully captured that moment when we pass from this life into His presence. I pray God's comfort will give you peace as you cherish the wonderful memories of your mom. Sending thoughts and prayers.